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Welcome to the Stephen Pasture Seeds virtual world. We are proud to have provided unbiased advice and the highest quality seed to the rural industry since 1957.

We offer a vast range of Australian researched products to suit all farming enterprises including ryegrasses, lucerne, clovers, brassicas, herbs, custom pasture blends and even lawn and bird seed.

You name it we have it and via our extensive network of rural stores we are your One Stop Seed Shop.

We are proud to continue our family business heritage with focus on customer service and  our proud rural industry credentials.

Technical Leadership

Stephen Pasture Seeds (SPS) has one of the most experienced team of pasture seed technical advisers in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. 

We continue our commitment  to providing the best independent technical advice and the highest quality seed available to enable farmers to achieve their production requirements weather can affect pasture production, but seed selection or quality should not.

To assist your technical analysis our website includes a description, features and photos of our vast product range.

We enjoy assisting rural people in their business endeavours by providing the seeds of prosperity. Please utilise the contact section of this website or ring our experienced technical advisers on 03 5335 8055, we are only too happy to help.

We also regularly attend major field days held throughout the year and have a number of demonstration sites located in Victoria, southern New South Wales and the south east of South Australia. The demonstration sites give Stephen Pasture Seeds staff, other major seed companies, resellers, agronomists and farmers the opportunity to see new ryegrass pasture, brassica, herb and lucerne varieties grown in local conditions up against existing varieties already available on the market. These sites are an extremely important source of information on how new varieties perform agronomically in different growing conditions. For more information on these events keep an eye on our 'Upcoming Events' section.

Integrity and Research

Our advisers only recommend products that have been proven in Australia and more specifically in Victorian and South Australian conditions. This feature is supported by ongoing investment in the research of seed breeding and seed treatment.

Our commitment to whats on the tag is in the bag is supported by membership and hence compliance with the Australian Seed Federation codes of practice for marketing and seed treatment.

Our investment in seed treatment and mixing facilities further adds value in supplying the highest quality products to farmers.

We aim to provide the best advice and products to deliver the seeds of prosperity to your business endeavours.
Regards & Best Wishes
The team at Stephen Pasture Seeds


With a big turnaround in seasonal conditions across many areas of the eastern states , and heading into the depths of winter, it is an ideal time to do a check on pasture and forage crop health and performance. 

Are the autumn and winter feed gaps being filled by the range of forage crops that were planted? Have the right varieties been sown with adequate nutrition and good weed control? With above average temperatures during late autumn and early winter crop development is quite advanced for this stage of the season. Early sown conventional canola aiming to fill early feed gaps is a good example. Some crops are beginning to flower in early June before providing the desired grazing benefits.

Older established pastures need to be assessed for density and production potential. The application of fertiliser, strategic use of herbicides to control grass and broadleaf weeds and changes to grazing management can more than double drymatter production, whilst improving forage quality, animal performance and soil nitrogen reserves.

Winter is also the best time to implement weed management in lucerne pastures, whether they are predominantly used for grazing or intended for silage and hay production in spring. Options to consider include winter cleaning, spray grazing and silage production. Remember that weeds are a major factor in reducing longevity of lucerne stands, and if the hay produced is intended for sale it is much easier to sell a quality product.

Tonic plantain is aptly named as it provides a 'tonic' to grazing animals because of its ability to supply key minerals to grazing stock. Tonic is also an outstanding performer in winter either as a pure stand, in mixed pastures or for rejuvenating run down lucerne stands. The first registration in Australia of Flowable Igran 500 SC now provides additional options for managing weeds in Tonic plantain.    


Upcoming Events

1-2 August 2016, Hamilton VIC

Henty Field Days
20-22 September 2016, Henty VIC

South Gippsland Dairy Expo
28-29 September 2016, Korrumburra VIC

Elmore Field Days 
 4-6 October 2016, Elmore VIC





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